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(Google Images) According to an article The Atlantic these are the 10 most dangerous cities to live in America. These cities struggle with high rates of murder, rape, assault. 10. Stockton, California Violent Crime Per 1,000: 13.8 Median Income: $45,730 (8.9% below national average) Unemployment Rate: 18.4% (9.4% above national average) listed as one of the most miserable … Continue reading

Green Cities According to Grist.org

(pictured Laguna Hills, CA/photo credit: Deepti Sabbella)  Ever wonder which cities are the most environmentally conscious? According to grist.com, here’s the list: 1. Reykjavik, Iceland Uses hydrogen buses on its streets Uses geothermal and hydropower resources Cleanest city in Europe 2. Portland, Oregon, U.S. First U.S. city to enact a comprehensive plan to reduce CO2 … Continue reading